NCPIC TIMELINE 26 x 30Northern California PET Imaging Center (NCPIC), a not-for-profit, community benefit organization was founded in 1992 as the nation's first freestanding non-university PET Center, and NCPIC is still recognized as a premier PET Center in the country. We continue to be the innovative leader in molecular imaging by specializing in cutting-edge technology such as Positron Emission Tomography (PET/CT), Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI), Computed Tomography (CT).  Clinical trials are conducted at our imaging center and at our research radiochemistry lab, Optimal Tracers.

Our specialized Board Certified nuclear medicine and radiology physicians each have over 10 years experience in clinical PET.

Physicians prefer to send their patients to NCPIC. Our cutting-edge imaging technology allows physicians to make the most confident and informed diagnoses based on decisive, accurate and clear imaging reports.

Patients choose NCPIC because we have six convenient locations throughout Northern California. Our talented personnel and the latest imaging technology give patients the peace of mind that they are receiving the best care possible.