Ellen Thomas | COO

Ms. Ellen Thomas has over 35 years of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging experience.  She began her career as a Technologist in an acute care setting in New Orleans, Louisiana where she gained extensive hands-on experience in imaging and therapy.   Seeing the need in the region for an educational pathway for technologists, she initiated a program at the Community College where she oversaw the training of students as an Associate Professor and Program Director.  At the same time, she served for eight years as a member and as Chairman for the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board.  She has been a member of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging since 1983.

With an intense interest in PET Imaging, Ms. Thomas moved to Sacramento in 2003 to assume an administrative role with Radiological Associates of Sacramento.  In 2017, she came to Northern California PET Imaging Center (NCPIC).