Clinical Research Imaging

Northern California PET Imaging Center has a long history of participation in clinical research.  Locally, NCPIC collaborates with Sutter Institute for Medical Research (SIMR) and University of California at Davis (UCD) by providing PET/CT imaging for clinical trials that they are involved with. In addition, NCPIC’s visible commitment to clinical research imaging has resulted in expanded participation through collaboration with other organizations and pharma companies.  The locally and nationally based clinical trials that NCPIC participates in are primarily for research surrounding diagnosis and treatment of various types of cancer or dementia.  It is this uniqueness that continues to make NCPIC a nationally known center of excellence.

If you are being treated for cancer or dementia and would like to know more about what clinical trials are available to you, please discuss your interest with your physician. 

Radiochemistry at Optimal Tracers

Optimal Tracers is a division of Northern California PET Imaging Center.  We are a radiochemistry service that provides clinical and pre-clinical radiotracers to the exact specifications of our customers in both academic and commerical settings.”