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What Is PET?

A Positron Emission Tomography / Computerized Tomography (PET/CT) scan combines PET and CT into one imaging procedure. PET utilizes a low-level, glucose-based radiopharmaceutical to visualize processes within the body. The functional information from the PET scan demonstrates the metabolic processes within the body. When this information is combined with the anatomical information provided by a CT scan, it will enable your physician to better characterize the disease and pinpoint the exact location of interest. This information not only helps your physician diagnose a problem, but it also helps predict the likely outcome of various therapeutic alternatives, decide the best approach to treatment, and monitor your progress. A PET/CT scan can even provide information which may eliminate the need for invasive procedures or multiple tests.

PET/CT Machine

PET/CT imaging has received wide clinical acceptance for a variety of clinical applications in oncology, neurology, cardiology and orthopedics.